What is a Node in Dynamo?

In Dynamo, a Node is an object that performs an action on data.

What comprises a node? 


Most Nodes have 5 elements: 

  • Name
  • The main body
  • Ports which are connection points for wires
  • The lacing indicator which shows matching list inputs
  • Default Value (not every node has a default value) 

Wires are connections that are visually shown as blue lines between nodes. Wires connect Input and Output ports which are shown on the side of the Node. Data flows from the input, which the Node then performs a calculation on, and transmits and Output of data. 

You can visually tell the status of a node based on its color: 

  • Inactive - Light grey title bar, and light grey background
  • Active - Dark grey title bar, and light grey background
  • Selected - Blue border
  • Error - Red
  • Freeze - Transparent
  • Warning - Yellow